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Twitter Loses its Most Active Users and Struggles to Keep Others: Report

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Twitter Loses its Most Active Users and Struggles to Keep Others: Report

In Brief
  • The 10% of "most active" users represent 90% of Twitter activity
  • Twitter's internal report (seen by Reuters) says they know about the situation but don't want to make it public
  • Months ago, Elon Musk said that the social network "was dying."

Twitter is struggling to maintain its strongest user base, according to an internal report revealed by Reuters.

Twitter’s “most active” members are losing interest as the social network is in “absolute decline.”

This is according to a report generated by Twitter staffers and seen by Reuters. The internal documents generated by Twitter said that “heavy tweeters” account for under 10% of monthly overall users. But these tweeters generate 90% of all tweets, and thus, half of the global revenue.

The staffer asked, “Where have all the tweeters gone?” in the internal document. They also said, “Heavy tweeters have been in absolute decline since the pandemic began.”

The report examined the number of frequent tweeters in English who showed interest in a topic. The study did not reach any conclusions as to why heavy users of the platform are declining.

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