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UniParabolicTrader EA for MT4

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UniParabolicTrader EA for MT4

The new UniParabolicTrader EA which trades using two indicators: UniParabolic_Stop and FractalChannelMD was posted here.
The EA has added the ability to use Trailing Stop and Breakeven when using Pyramiding as a Money Management option. Previously I used Take Profit for such cases (for example, in DonchianCloudTrader EA).


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Re: UniParabolicTrader EA for MT4

Thanks Igor,

This EA is really interesting.

In testing on M5 EURUSD with your settings it gives very nice results.
I have found that with setting Uniparabolic_Stop Entry mode 4 it might give more trades and higher profit.

What about Exit mode "uniparabolic_Stop Exit mode 1 ? It gives me better results.

Best Regards
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