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TradeStation® review 2022

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TradeStation® review 2022


Best For
  • Active trading
  • Trading platform
  • Options trading
TradeStation wants to appeal to active traders, and you can see it throughout the broker’s setup. It focuses on low commissions, futures trading, a high-caliber trading platform, tons of technical tools and more. What it doesn’t focus on includes bonds, mutual funds (especially those without a transaction fee), research and fractional shares. So, experienced traders are likely to find quite a lot to like here, while newer hands will have to carefully consider if TradeStation meets their needs. TradeStation also offers cryptocurrency trading at favorable prices, especially if you hold a significant balance with the broker, a potential enticement to larger accounts.

Active traders looking for a potential broker should also check out Interactive Brokers, which caters heavily to that segment as well. It’s also a solid pick if you’re looking to trade crypto, though you can get that exposure at Robinhood or Webull. Newer investors would do well to check out Fidelity Investments, for its wealth of research, education and customer support – perfect for beginners.
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